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Individuals & Families

Welcome to Individual & Family Services

At the Georgia Collaborative ASO, we believe that all individuals deserve:

  • Access to safe, affordable housing in a community of their choosing
  • Employment and meaningful activities during the day
  • A sense of security and independence
  • Participation and acceptance based on their unique strengths, attributes and talents

Whether it is recovery from a behavioral health condition or social inclusion in the face of physical or developmental disabilities, individuals want and deserve the respect afforded people of all walks of life.


MemberConnect is an online tool that allows you to access your benefits information, health tools and other resources. MemberConnect is easy to use, secure and available 24 hours 7 days a week. Currently available for individuals being served in Behavioral Health services — under development for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities services.


The Georgia Collaborative ASO is under contract with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). Find out more about the services provided under this contract.

Find a Provider

This site helps you find a provider location, specialty and other criteria.

Achieve Solutions®

This online library offers more than 2,500 articles on more than 125 topics such as wellness, family care, depression, anxiety, substance abuse financial and legal concerns. It includes many tools to support your recovery, such as trainings, links, video and audio clips. Click here to access this free and secure resource.

Wellness, Recovery & Independence

Learn about the many services we provide individuals and their families, including peer support specialists, community reintegration, independent residence and recovery, and prevention, education and outreach.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, as well as information about advance directives and filing grievances and appeals or HIPAA violations.


Links to the numerous community, state, regional and national resources available to support you in your recovery.

Stamp Out Stigma

Learn about this national campaign to eliminate the stigma of mental illness and addictive diseases.